Room Furnishings

Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, mattress cover, pillow, blanket, desk, desk chair, study lamp, bookshelves, table and lounge chair, bed linen.

Laundry Facilities

A Coin-operated washer/dryer and ironing board is provided on each floor.

Internet Connectivity

Each room is wired for broadband Internet connectivity, intended for simple applications (e-mail, basic web surfing etc.). The network is not intended for any application that requires substantial amount of bandwidth such as peer to peer applications or video streaming. Higher bandwidth capabilities than those provided are available from Rogers Cable High Speed and Bell Sympatico at the sole expense of the resident.

Building Security/Safety

The main entrance doors are locked each night and weekends. Entrances to residence floors are locked at all times. All municipal fire regulations apply to St. Vladimir Institute.

Administrative Staff

St. Vladimir Institute’s administrative staff is available on premises during regular office hours, to assist students residents.


It is St. Vladimir Institute’s goal to offer creative and enjoyable activities for residents while providing opportunities for personal, professional, academic and social development. Residents are entitled to participate in all of St. Vladimir Institute’s language and cultural programs free of charge. St. Vladimir Institute’s staff will work with the Students Council to develop suitable programs for the student community.


Full-time students of Ukrainian heritage residing at St. Vladimir Institute are eligible to apply for a number of annual scholarships and bursaries.

Residence Donships

St. Vladimir Institute’s has a resident Don on each floor of the residence. A Don's primary role is to offer direction and assistance to the residents and to liaise with the management on issues of mutual concern.

Student Council

Residents on each floor elect members to a Student Council. The Student Council has a modest budget with which to organize activities or events.

Personalizing Your Room

Students may personalize their residence rooms in variety of ways. Guidelines are provided in the Residence Handbook at the time of registration.

What Not to Bring

The following items are prohibited in residence:

• Pets
• Candles, incense, and native grasses
• Hot plates, toaster ovens, or kettles
• Electric heaters