ST. Vladimir Institute


St. Vladimir Institute is deeply grateful for the many donors who partner in our mission through financial contributions. Every donation gives the gift of opportunity to the resident students and the community.

There are many ways your gift can make a difference.
Your gift can have an impact on our needs to:

  • improve facilities for students

  • improve library resources

  • enhance available funds for scholarships

  • improve and expand the cultural/educational program

  • provide for long-term financial stability

We recognize every donor with a "thank you" letter along with a receipt for tax purposes.

As result of donor support, St. Vladimir Institute established funds in two areas that are making a difference - An Endownment Fund and Scholarship Funds.

St. Vladimir Institute encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to seek independent legal and financial planning advice.

There are many ways in which you can donate to St. Vladimir Institute:

  • Annual Koliada (Christmas Gift)

  • a gift in response to a request

  • annual fundraising event

  • be a sponsor with a financial contribution

  • contribute a gift for a door prize or silent auction

Planned of Legacy Giving

An approach to making charitable gifts that benefit you, your beneficiaries and St. Vladimir Institute. It can help minimize tax and maximize estate benefits. Common ways of planned giving:

  • bequests and wills

  • securities and shares

  • charitable reminder trusts

  • real estate

  • insurance policy

  • other ways

  • tax implications should be discussed with your financial adviser or referring to Revenue Canada publications

In-Kind Gifts (non-cash gifts)

Gifts of real estate or other personal property
eg. books, real estate, art work, special equipment or other tangible personal property)

In Memoriam

A meaningful way to make a donation to recognize someone
Gifts can be for any reason (anniversary, birthdays, retirements, etc.)

Methods of Donating

  • Download and complete the Donation Forms and send it together with donation to St. Vladimir Institute

  • Contact the President, St. Vladimir Institute to discuss the gift options or other matters 

  • Contact your lawyer or financial planning advisor for advice

Established Funds

Our established funds are the Michael and Effie Bodnar Scholarship, the Alexander Anthony Lasko Scholarship, the John Yaremko Scholarship and the Kozy Scholarship.

These annual scholarships provided to multiple number of recipients, are made possible by funds donated by supporters of St. Vladimir Institute. To ensure scholarships are available - perpetually, only interest earned on these gifts will be used for the scholarships. They have been established to provide assistance to full-time students residing at St. Vladimir Institute.

Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund was established to provide for the long-term financial stability of St. Vladimir Institute. The Fund consists of bequests, which are in excess of $10,000, unless otherwise specified by the donor.

The Endowment Fund may only be disbursed or allocated upon approval of a General Meeting of Members. However, interest earned from the Funds investment may be used for operations.